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    Relativism and universals and cultural

    Let's start again for a moment from the conclusions of my latest video, the one on the idiot-friendly world: man as the measure of all things. There were those who, beautiful souls, joked about that closure, believing that Protagoras' statement was somehow banal and taken for granted, if not even taken for granted. Nothing could be more wrong. The concept expressed by the philosopher from Abdera, which is considered by some to be the first historical example of a relativistic vision of reality, is very present in the history of thought and has been interpreted in many, often contradictory, ways. In fact, if man is the measure of all things, then the perspective of every individual and every...

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    A world fit for idiots

    (Video clip: ) In his show “Armageddon” Ricky Gervais makes a joke that made me think a little. Let's say at least he gave me more to think about than the average of his always witty jokes. Once again a question came back to me, an issue on which I had extreme opinions for a long time, about which I then calmed down, only to then suffer a new peak of doubts and fears. It is the fate of all unresolved questions. And the question is, in a completely simplified way, this: "how useless and idiotic are human beings?" Gervais says, it's a joke of course, but the plausibility of the statement is not...

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    oompa loompa: respectability, political correctness and how not to make a video about R. Dahl

    // Video sketch: // The oompa loompas are not "little men", but "little people"! We already knew it: but we know whether it is simply a gender fluid community, as according to some anthropologists with hindsight, or a real species of those that reproduce by mustache mitosis, as in the opinion of some expert chocolatiers . Well they're still dwarfs, though, aren't they? No! They are differently tall people: in the book we never find the word "dwarf". A little attention! And the word “fat”? That's definitely there! Street! Removed! All dry! Really “fat”, not just “fatty”. We therefore ask ourselves how we can rewrite a sentence like…

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    The dark forest: the universe is that place that wants to see us all dead! Cosmic pessimism in the vision of “The Three Body Problem” by Liu Cixin

    Warning: I made the translations from Chinese by asking my friend chatGPT, then checking with Google Translate from Chinese to English, since I'm learning like the old GPT, sometimes things, if he doesn't know them, he invents them completely or he is simply delirious. Watch out copywriters and marketers! At least reread! But then I had to realize that the most imaginative one was actually Google Translate. Alright! Maybe we'll talk about this in a future video. In short, these AIs may be convenient, but they still involve a lot of work and a certain amount of suspicion. Another, so to speak, "introductory" question, which I would like to address polemically, is that of the meaning of translating...

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    Just over 100 quotes on mediocrity

    Reflecting on a new video, thinking back to the one about the idiot, I felt like making a small and mediocre reflection on mediocrity. Thinking about what key to give him, I said to myself: in the meantime, let's do the most mediocre thing possible at this moment: ask chatGPT! It took some effort to get him to spit out 111. We are a far cry from the 1060 or more in the original list, the one on stupidity. Furthermore, some seem suspicious to me. A strong mediocrity is the figure of the contributions that I have managed to obtain from GPT so far. Maybe it's because of my silly queries? I could also ask questions, of course... The fact is that it seems to me that when he doesn't know he invents,...

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    How long does an idiot live?

    // Sketch of the video // The question “how long does an idiot live?” it may seem really idiotic. Why am I asking you this, then? For an absolutely idiotic reason: I went to see the statistics of my site and think how shocked I was, seeing that the second query on Google that brings people to my site is precisely this: "how long does an idiot live" . I made sure to delete the other queries from the image I'm showing you, because maybe they could inspire me to make some other videos, some other articles, in the near future. I know, this may give rise to some easy jokes, fools!, but the fact is that on my blog I published…